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A Brief History

The Elegius Mini Equine Sanctuary (EMES) was established in 2017 to provide care to abused, abandoned,
and/or neglected miniature horses, donkeys and ponies. We specialize in taking equine difficult for other rescue agencies to place due to the health and/or behavioral difficulties the equine exhibit. EMES began with two very behaviorally challenged mini horses, Snow and Brownie, who continue to reside with us.

We can now house 25 equine on site and are typically at capacity. EMES can accept mini equine from animal control, law enforcement and other horse rescue organizations as well as private owners.

Occasionally EMES will acquire equine that are healthy and well behaved. At other times, more challenging equine can be quickly rehabilitated with a little love and attention. Realizing that these equine do not need the intensive care that can be provided by the EMES an adoption program was started in 2018. To date we have placed 16 small equine into new homes. Our adoption process is involved, but it helps to make sure the equine and new owners are well matched. Any adopted equine can always be returned to EMES if life changes for the new owners so we continue to provide a safety net for any equine who leave us.

Since our founding, the EMES has directly cared for over forty mini equine. We have also provided consultation, transportation, medical assistance, and placement recommendations to owners when we are not able to care for their equine

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Equine Accepted

The Elegius Mini Equine Sanctuary accepts smaller equine (those less than 11 hands, or 44 inches at the shoulder). We accept mares (including pregnant ones), geldings, foals, and stallions. Stallions are gelded within days of arrival. Mares and foals are kept together until the foals are weaned at about six months. Foals are kept at the sanctuary for a year after birth to ensure they have a good start in life.

Our residents include donkeys, mini horses, smaller mules, and ponies. The smallest equine at the sanctuary are under 6 hands (24 inches at the shoulder) and we call them the micro-minis!

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